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Like the majority of Bills fans, I too, am caught up in the prevailing quarterback controversy. Personally, I am planted firmly in the Flutie camp, but we have a totally new coaching staff with different ideas, methods, and philosophies. Why not make a clean sweep and release both Flutie and Johnson?


The quarterback controversy was due to Wade Phillips' bungling; let him take it with him.

Keeping one will retain some of the divisions in the locker room. If it does not work out, there will be an unending chorus of "I told you so's," prolonging the controversy forever.

If the figures I see are correct, the salary cap issue is solved.

You now have the opportunity to keep a championship caliber defense intact. You don't have to rebuild on both sides of the ball.

Last season's Bills' offense was pretty bad, no matter who was at the helm.

Age. Flutie will be 39. Chronologically, Johnson is about 10 years younger, but physically, Johnson's 28 going on 58. You can't build an offense around a player who's going to be carried off the field 75 percent of the time.

There are some good quarterback prospects coming up in this year's draft. Obtain a promising rookie and build the offense around him. Great players don't hone their skills while sitting the bench. If not, there's always free agency.

The more I think about it, the more I'm convinced a total rebuild of the offense with a new face at quarterback is the best option for the team.
Oakville, Conn.

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