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While listening to one of AM stations covering the Dale Earnhardt tragedy, they had a call-in show so the public could express an opinion of NASCAR and the coverage. Myself being an avid NASCAR fan and also a crew member for an established late-model team I was appalled by what I heard. Someone calling in and saying he hated NASCAR. One caller said all they do is go around and around and others that said they replayed the crash too many times. Do these professional critics know that they are more at risk driving to work or the store?

These brave drivers will compete in 36 races this year totaling 11,000 laps and more than 14,500 miles. Each one of them knows the risks.

Come on, lets get with it, AM listeners and call-ins. The third teen recently died from injuries from the Jan. 14th accident on Niagara Falls Boulevard. I don't remember them having a call-in show to discuss what should be done about that tragedy.


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