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I am writing to address the recent "My View" column by Nicole Kaznowski, "Let's keep morality out of government." Her illogical interpretation of morality and her misguided notion that morality has no place in society are prime examples of ideas that are contributing to the lack of individual accountability today.

The glaring flaw in her discourse is that she seems to be ignorant of the fact that all societies are founded on morals, which are the guidelines that each member of the society must respect and obey in order to participate in and partake of that society's benefits.

Laws enforce the rules and morals of a society and give members parameters for acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

She stated: "When the majority speak of morality, they really mean Christian morals or more broadly, the Judeo-Christian ethic. . . . Others must act on these morals, as well, and the government is employed to make sure they do."

While our Founding Fathers provided for separation of church and state, they did not ignore the fact that these powerful rules form the basis for a code of conduct for our society. All countries have some code for governing their society. By advocating a lack of morality in government, the author is endorsing anarchy.

Perhaps the most telling flaw in the column is, "I do not believe that anything is more important than myself and my happiness."

Yet she goes on to say, "What I do expect, however, is the same respect from all people." If there is no moral code saying to "do unto others," how does she expect to be treated with respect in return?

The reason that Kaznowski is even able to write her article is because men and women have fought and died for this country to protect the code of morals that she so derisively dismisses.

If she dislikes the rules imposed upon her by our society and government, I suggest she find a more ideal country and move there.


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