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Regarding Jeff Simon's recent commentary on the harmlessness of popular culture, I admit to ignoring most of it -- I've never heard Eminem or any American rapper, to my knowledge. Yet I feel that our society has changed radically due to popular culture's influence.

In recent News editions, the ignorance of our general population is decried -- reading is at a sixth-grade level and TV shows are ridiculously dumbed-down or filled with immature exhibitionists on "reality" shows.

How are parents supposed to combat these "fantasies"? Are parents even aware that they are fantasies? Does Simon suggest that our teens will miraculously pass after ingesting all of this sludge into "the life they're actually going to be expected to live"? Did the five teens accused of murdering James Mack realize the "fantasy" of pop culture?

Constant bombardment with savagery begets savagery. Constant sexual titillation in pop videos and on TV begets a generation of youth who have no time for books or intellectual pursuits. Only their bodies are being stimulated. How can Simon not have noticed how "puerile" our society has become? Perhaps he, himself, is a victim of pop culture's subtle subversion and degradation.


Orchard Park

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