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This letter is in regard to proposed legislation that bans the use of cell phones while driving. While I will admit that some people cannot do both, the majority of people can.

I have used a cell phone while driving. I know that when I do, my eyes are forward and looking at what lies ahead. If I am in jeopardy of receiving a summons for doing this, I can think of many other cases that also warrant a summons, and they do not involve the use of a cell phone.

What about that lady who has decided she doesn't have enough makeup on? Is she concentrating on the road as she looks in the rear-view mirror while applying lipstick? Or what about the man whose vanity is such that he needs to comb his hair over and over?

I also think about the people who drive for miles, leaning over the seat as they dig through the glove compartment to find something. All the while, their car veers in and out of lanes.

The best one is the people who try to save time by eating a sloppy sandwich from a fast-food restaurant while trying to drive. Halfway through the sandwich, they realize their lap is covered with ketchup and mustard. There is total disregard for traffic as they look down, trying to wipe up the mess.

I won't even get into the cars that are equipped with window-shattering stereos. How would these people be able to hear an ambulance coming up on them?

In the future, the next time you are cut off by a driver who is reading the paper, don't pick up your cell phone to call the authorities. You just may be ticketed for it.



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