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Deputy Assembly Speaker Arthur O. Eve recently pontificated that New York State could be accused of "genocide" for not providing enough money to minority-run agencies for AIDS and other health care programs. State Health Commissioner Dr. Antonia C. Novella appropriately deemed Eve's claims ludicrous, noting that 77 percent of all state health programs are targeted for minorities.

It is shameful and disgraceful that Eve would use the word genocide in his rhetoric to describe alleged problems he believes true. In a desperate grab for attention and to continue his power base, Eve has insulted ethnic groups who actually experienced racial genocide.

His cheap political shot is not brilliant, strategic or needed to garner votes from an intelligent constituency. I, for one, am insulted and indignant that he would believe a thinking black populace would accept his heinous accusations against the state as true or rational.

AIDS is a worldwide catastrophe, much larger than our little corner of the world. I am tired of these political tirades by shameless politicians. We should begin holding Eve and others like him accountable for their words and deeds, and stop following them like sheep to slaughter.



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