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THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: Who or what deserved Academy Award nominations but didn't get them?

SOME COMMENTS: "I was greatly disappointed that "Almost Famous' was left off the best picture list. Clearly it deserves to be included. It's becoming increasingly apparent that, the inclusion of "Chocolat' proves this point - Miramax Studios has become a powerful force behind the Oscar selection procedures. I hate to see the selection process corrupted and truly deserving films, which will stand the test of time, left off the list because they didn't have the Miramax machine behind them."

- Kathleen E. Dworak, Clarence

"My nomination for best supporting actor is the Aussie actor Keith Ledger. As Gabriel, Mel Gibson's son in "The Patriot,' he sensitively portrays the parallel struggle of youth to win autonomy from his father and emancipation from British rule. Ledger adeptly portrays Gabriel as a Messianic hero, making the supreme sacrifice that devastates and transforms his father, and ultimately, the nation."

Marcia Kramarczyk, Lockport

"How could they miss Michael Douglas? He should have been nominated for Best Actor. He had two outstanding roles in two films. The movie "The Cell' should have been nominated for Visual Effects and Costume Design."

Shirley Miller, Kenmore

" "Thirteen Days' ranks as one of the two or three best films of the year, and should have been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. It's a fast-paced replication of the Cuban missile crisis, with excellent performances by actors playing Jack and Bobby Kennedy."

- Laura Sochia, Williamsville

"If there was one movie that deserved more Academy Award nominations this year, it would be Darren Aronofsky's brutally mesmerizing "Requiem for a Dream.' The film itself, the directing, the editing and especially the musical score by Clint Mansell all should have been recognized. Ellen Burstyn's nomination in the Best Actress category is the only nomination this film has received, and what's even more absurd is that she will certainly lose to Julia Roberts for her role in "Erin Brockovich,' a role that was hardly a stretch for her. Burstyn's portrayal of a lonely widow addicted to diet pills was the most believable, captivating female performance this year, next to Bjork in "Dancer in the Dark,' who also was not nominated. Needless to say, I am more than angry with the Oscars this year."

- Joe Sirianni, Niagara Falls

NEXT WEEK'S QUESTION: Tickets for U2 at HSBC Arena on May 31 range from a low of $45 to a high of $130. It's part of a continuing trend of escalating ticket prices for concerts. Are the higher ticket prices keeping you from concerts you would like to attend?

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