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It's not hard to reason why Brent Bodrug wanted to work with Rufus Maneuvers. The quintet operates with an inspiring and determined "we'll do it ourselves" attitude. Within months of forming only one year ago, the band was on the road honing its sound and building new audiences.

"We're very focused - you have to build (recognition) regionally to make it happen," says vocalist-guitarist Scott Celani. "You have to make an impact."

Rufus Maneuvers is winning over fans with listener-friendly modern rock that's not easy to classify and certainly stands apart from today's dominance of heavy radio rock.

"We're doing something different, but it's not way out there," Celani says. "We wanted something powerful, but still driven melodically that people couldn't get out of their heads."

The diverse influences of bandmates Celani, vocalist Jim Culver, lead guitarist Sean Lewis, bassist Karin Koszuta and drummer Chris Edwards help forge that distinct sound, giving it an appealing pop sensibility with an unexpected organic flair. And with Celani and Culver sharing the vocals with two distinct, yet harmonious styles, the group believes it's giving the audience a little something extra.

The accelerated progress of the band's first year is the result of making goals and going after them.

"We knew what we wanted and we didn't want to wait around for it. There's a window in this industry - it's a young man's game so we have to do this now. We've come far, but we have such a long, long way to go," Celani said.

It's that determination that attracted Bodrug and partner Juliane Duda.

"These guys are hungry. They will do whatever it takes, and that impresses us. They still have a big hill to climb, but they're relentless and I think a lot of bands can learn from them," Bodrug says.

Rufus Maneuvers releases "One Clear Moment" in concert Saturday in Mister Goodbar, 1110 Elmwood Ave. Dollar Canon opens the show at 10 p.m. The $6 admission includes a CD.

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