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Cry me a river for the North Pearl Street Block Club members and their problems with "these people" coming into "their" neighborhood. Translate this as nonwhites (all four people pictured in the Feb. 4 News are Caucasian) darkening up their upper-class white enclave. Yes, I agree that the city should develop its abandoned properties. Yes, problem business and crime hot spots should be addressed. And yes, landlords have responsibilities. But keeping "these" people from the East Side and West Side "out" is racism of the worst kind.

As a North Buffalo resident, my neighborhood also has problems with crime and abandoned properties and businesses. But simply because the Allentown neighborhood is an upper-class white zone doesn't give these people some special right to cry foul in how the city allocates its limited resources. If urban pioneerism is getting old to these block club members, perhaps they should move to Amherst or better still New Jersey, where the police are taking "these people" more seriously.



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