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The Feb. 11 Off Main Street article "Gone, but who cares?" - which quoted a story in the Orlando Sentinel - hit a spot that is not pleasant to me. I am proud to be from Buffalo. I am a strong backer of the Bills and the Sabres. I moved to another city to explore the United States. Orlando is now my home away from home. I have a family and a good job here.

I try to get back to Buffalo every chance I can. The majority of my family is there. I went to Florida International University in Miami. When I returned to Buffalo for my 10-year reunion, in my eyes, the people I hung around with were doing the same things. This is because I have changed to a new environment. To have a coral reef just outside my door is a real treat - just like Niagara Falls.

There is a lot to do in Buffalo, and I did a lot when I lived there. But a change of scenery is very nice. Buffalo will always be my hometown, nobody will ever take that away from me. Thanks for this opportunity to express my side of the story. Believe me, I received a lot of grief from my family over my statements in that article.


Orlando, Fla.

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