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With the realization that there has been much debate over President Bush's actions in the arena of women's reproductive rights, I would like to comment on the Food and Drug Administration's approval of the abortion pill RU-486.

I do not want to get into a discussion of whether abortion is moral, since this would only lead to unproductive, incessant bickering between the two sides. Rather, I would like to address the faulty logic behind the effort to allow only doctors certified to perform surgical abortions the right to prescribe this drug.

This would be analogous to saying that only a cardiologist can prescribe beta-blockers, because patients on these medications may warrant surgical intervention. However, all physicians are allowed to prescribe such medications.

It seems that this motion by the Republican Party is nothing more than an attempt to put yet another limit on a woman's access to abortion services for moral, rather than legal purposes.

In response to the assertion that women have no right to abortions, I say that regardless of whether abortion is legal, it will happen. The only difference is that women who choose to have abortions in illegal circumstances will suffer more severe and numerous side effects.

Certainly, we need to treat this issue as we would treat any other medical intervention. At this time, abortion is a legal medical right, and thus should be treated as such.


Grand Island

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