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When the Sabres opened up the vault to pay Dominik Hasek, they ruined the pay structure of the whole team! How can they justify paying Hasek $35 million over four years while playing hardball with everyone else? Hasek has averaged about five more wins than losses in his entire career. Other than personal honors, Hasek has failed to deliver a championship. He has failed to deliver when it matters most -- the playoffs. Yet the public has come down on Peca and others when it comes to getting their share. Send Hasek packing, re-sign Peca and use Hasek's remaining salary to bring in some real talent -- not has-beens. If Buffalo is a small market, as Rigas and Regier claim, they should have taken that into consideration before opening the vault to Hasek. If they are going to pay Hasek, they should be willing to pay everyone else.

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