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Mr. Paul Gromosiak's letter on Sunday, Feb. 11, regarding Niagara Falls' disregard for its past, just wiping out the past in the name of progress, hit close to home.

Just a few nights before his article, my daughter was upset about the razing of LaSalle Senior High School. She felt that a major portion of her past was being completely wiped out.

In 1956, my husband and I had built our home at 1053 101st Street, which would become the north section of the Love Canal. The home had to be razed because of vandalism during the years the area was vacated. Our five children went to 93rd Street School. It has been razed because of Love Canal. The children all went to LaSalle Senior High, and now it was being razed. There is only one part of their youth left -- LaSalle Junior High.

This has been extremely difficult for all my children; first they lose the only home they ever remember, then their grade school and now their high school.

For a toxic dump to be the cause of their loss is one thing, but to lose LaSalle Senior, a perfectly good building, just for a business deal, was hard to take. Now the other half of that business deal, Niagara Falls High School, is facing the same fate. Sad, sad, sad.

There is a group of concerned citizens trying to "Save Our School," working to thwart the demise of Niagara Falls High School, and I hope others will jump on the bandwagon to assist them, as I plan to do.

Niagara Falls

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