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This is a sad day for our community. I wish I could bring comfort to the parents in Lockport, who fought so hard to save Charlotte Cross Elementary School. Their own children should be very proud of them, and -- for whatever it may be worth -- so am I.

Ironically, quite a few of these people, once upon a time, had also been my students. Not all of them actually live in the West End, but they all have demonstrated the courage of their convictions. How wonderful to know what responsible citizens and devoted parents they have become!

Most of us never realize that, upon entering parenthood, we also join the teaching profession. In most species, nature intends that parents should be dedicated and effective educators. Each who worked so diligently to preserve Charlotte Cross as an elementary school should take solace in knowing that he or she has truly been a great teacher.

These parents have shown us all what the words integrity and courage really mean. I remember what my own beloved mother had always told me during difficult times: "This, too, shall pass." And it will, but in doing so, an era in our community also passes.

In spite of the sadness, some good still has managed to evolve from adversity. I want to thank the people of our community for the outpouring of kind words, emotional support, and encouragement so generously given to board member David E. Blackley and myself. All have been deeply appreciated. The friendships we have forged will continue to enrich our lives and hopefully will also renew our determination to improve education in Lockport.

Trustee, Lockport Board of Education