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The Buffalo Bills are mortgaging their future by offering Eric Moulds a six-year, $40-million contract. Didn't I just hear Tom Donahoe tell us one of his goals was to get the Bills out of salary cap jail? A team that is $18 million over the salary cap can not afford to sign anyone for $40 million. Donahoe offers Eric Moulds a huge contract, then asks Ted Washington, the anchor of one of the best defenses in the game, to renegotiate his contract. What is that!

Where is the money going to come from to sign other free agents like Marcellus Wiley? Tom and our new coach, Gregg Williams, made sure to stress to all who would listen that the philosophy of the Buffalo Bills was going to be about the whole team, not one individual. Eric Moulds is a great player and probably deserves a $40 million contract. The only problem is the Bills simply can not afford it.

Are we going to destroy one of the best defenses in the league to sign one player? Where will the money come from to improve the offensive line? No receiver is that important to a team. Let's solve our salary cap problems right now. Make a trade deal with another team for Eric Moulds similar to what the Jets did with Keyshawn Johnson. Eric will get the money he is looking for, the Bills will get some top draft choices, and everyone involved will be far better off.

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