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Watching the ball drop in Times Square on New Year's Eve apparently isn't enough for magician David Blaine. He wants to dangle in the air above Times Square himself.

The 27-year-old illusionist says for his next big trick, he plans to hang by his feet off the edge of a plank constructed on the roof of a building. He will have to escape while handcuffed and tied by rope.

Blaine said in an interview Friday night on ABC's "2 0/2 0" that Harry Houdini's famous straitjacket escape inspired him to do the stunt, for which he hasn't set a date.

"What Houdini understood was that when you're doing a straitjacket escape, if you're sitting on a vaudevillian stage and doing it, there is no life-and-death danger," he said.

"But if you're doing it in the biggest city in the world and you're dangling from a rooftop of about 100-plus feet above the city, everybody will come to see it."

Last year, Blaine was encased in a block of ice for 62 hours, and in 1999 he spent seven days and nights in a see-through coffin.

"I like that place where you blur what's dangerous, what's not, what's life, what's death. I love to live in those places, because that's when you're the most alive," Blaine told 2 0/2 0.

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