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THIS WEEK'S QUESTION: What is your opinion of "Hannibal?"

SOME COMMENTS: "I thought "Hannibal' was a very good movie. The acting was terrific - especially Julianne Moore - you didn't even miss Jodie Foster. Anthony Hopkins was superb - captivating, evil and sexy all at the same time. The one complaint I have is, after hearing about all the hype with regard to the violence and gore, I was quite disappointed. I was hoping for a real bloodfest and there wasn't any. I wish the writers would have stuck to the ending in the book; that would have been more of a surprise, and the audience would have been stunned

- Sandy Chlebowy, Cheektowaga

"Hannibal was pretty gory compared to 'Silence of the Lambs,' which I loved, and which didn't show much and left things to your imagination. The movie was different, and scary."

- Diane Dirienzo

NEXT WEEK'S QUESTION: The Academy Award nominations were announced earlier this week. Who or what deserved nominations but didn't get them?

(Let us know by 9 a.m. Tuesday. Call 849-3497 or e-mail us at Leave your name (spell out), city or town and phone number for verification.)


Dear Editor:

We are writing with a constructive spirit, but must register our extreme disappointment. It stems from The Buffalo News not reviewing, and more importantly, not even attending, our recent art exhibition. The exhibition was titled "A Whole Lot of Chugger Behind a Whole Lot of Pat" and was held at Big Orbit Gallery.

This project was a major effort on both of us involving weeks of preparation prior to its opening on Dec. 9. Art critic Richard Huntington announced the opening in Gusto on Dec. 8. Nevertheless, he did not attend the opening, nor did he make an effort to see the exhibit while on display. His lack of interest causes us to express our concern for others like us in the future.

- Kurt Von Voetsch and Patrick Robdeau, Niagara Falls

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