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I found it to be ironic that in the Feb. 1 News, Rod Watson wrote a column on the marketing of black history, while a letter in Everybody's Column by David and Larry Simmons focused on black crime. Sadly, Watson is addressing "history," while the Simmonses are addressing "today."

Although I am a major history buff, I have to agree with the Simmonses - where is the black leadership? Where is the Rev. Jesse Jackson? Where is Johnnie Cochran?

Overall, Buffalo hasn't seen the kind of violence that the big cities have had for many years due to drugs, but some of it has caught up to us. Where are the role models? Who do youths look up to? Puff Daddy? DMX? Tupac Shakur? Violence is their message. The situation is similar with sports stars, where problems range from drugs to murder. Who is going to step up and be the new Martin Luther King? Don't let James Mack die in vain.

We must address the bigger problems we face today. Then we can honor the past. Let's take care of the human race before we lose the greatest gift of all - life.



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