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I am writing in reference to the Feb. 4 News article concerning Internet filtering. As a parent, it is important to me that my children do not have access to inappropriate material both at home and at school. As a School Board member, I felt it was my responsibility to support the installation of the best-possible system available to protect our students from inappropriate material.

No filtering device is infallible, but some type of system is necessary in light of the unregulated nature of the Internet. Internet filters do not relieve teachers and support staff of the need to supervise children's access. School districts that have put a filtering system into place have the capability of maintaining unfiltered computers for teacher, librarian and/or student use when appropriate. Viewing the Internet as an educational resource to be used to enhance the curriculum allows those of us who have been entrusted with our most valuable resource, our children, greater regulatory freedom.

No matter which approach school districts take on this issue, legal recourse is always a consideration. There are those who feel it is a violation of freedom of speech, while others wonder how long it will take before a parent sues a school district because a content filtering system was not installed.


Little Valley

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