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'Springer' guest charged with sexual abuse of girl, 15

CHICAGO (AP) -- A man was charged with criminal sexual abuse of a minor after authorities watched him appear on "The Jerry Springer Show" with his pregnant, 15-year-old girlfriend.

Brandon R. Parks, 19, was arrested last week at his trailer park residence on the misdemeanor charge after authorities interviewed the girl and reviewed a tape of the Oct. 2 show.

Parks was 18 when he appeared on an episode titled "Heartbreaking Betrayals." During the show, which is taped in Chicago, Parks accused his girlfriend of sleeping with other people. The girl countered that Parks had gotten her pregnant and had slept with her older sister.

During the episode, Parks admitted having sex with the girl, police said Tuesday. Even with consent, it is illegal in Illinois for adults to have sex with minors under 17, according to police.

Dog's fate rests in hands of police sergeant

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- Though a couple claims one of their mastiff-Canary Island dogs played no role in the mauling death of a woman, others described frightening encounters with the animal.

The testimony came Tuesday during a public hearing that a police sergeant will use to decide whether the dog, Hera, should be put to death. A decision is expected within two weeks.

Dianne Wipple, 33, was attacked by the dogs near her apartment door on Jan. 26. The animals lived next door with their owners, Robert Noel and his wife, Marjorie Knoller.

Bane, the dog said to have inflicted Whipple's fatal wounds, was put to death the night of the attack. Hera remains at a city shelter.

One man testified that Hera bit him when he exited an elevator in their apartment building. David Moser said the couple seemed dismissive of the incident.

Police officer, deputy killed; suspect has violent past

CENTREVILLE, Md. (AP) -- A police officer and a sheriff's deputy were shot to death while investigating a complaint about loud music, and the suspect was described as having a history of violent behavior.

Francis M. Zito was arraigned Wednesday on counts of first-degree murder, manslaughter and attempted murder, and a prosecutor said he would seek the death penalty.

Zito nearly collapsed several times during the brief hearing, telling the judge, "I'm just tired and I'm very upset." He was ordered held without bail.

Public defender Stefan Skipp said Zito had not taken medication for two days but did not reveal the reason for taking the drugs.

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