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Movies: Opening Friday, "Sweet November" (romance stars Charlize Theron, Keanu Reeves); "Down to Earth" (Chris Rock as dead comedian who returns to earth).

New on video: Today: "The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle," "Get Carter," "Michael Jordan to the Max."

On TV: Michael Clarke Duncan and Kente Scott star in "They Call Me Sirr," a movie based on the teen years of Cincinnati Bengal Sirr Parker, at 8 p.m. Sunday on Showtime.

Concerts: March 13, A Perfect Circle, ECC Downtown Flickinger Athletic Center; June 3, U2, (With PJ Harvey), HSBC Arena.


Romantic movies to rent: "10 Things I Hate About You," "Clueless," "Some Kind of Wonderful," "Can't Hardly Wait," "She's All That."

Romantic books to read: Mary Logue's "Dancing With an Alien," Catherine Clark's "Truth or Dairy," Caroline Cooney's "Out of Time" trilogy, Elizabeth Speare's "The Witch of Blackbird Pond," Cherie Bennett's "Life in the Fat Lane."


Going solo this Valentine's Day? If you can't find a flesh-and-blood special someone, let the hand of cyber-fate decide who's a perfect match for you. Entertainment site Mr. Showbiz will reveal your Celebrity Lovematch, based on all the factors that are truly important -- hair color, eye color and, of course, astrological sign.

Go to, and answer the matchmaker's questions about age, occupation and the kind of relationship you want (because it might happen, after all). Fate will match you with the perfect celebrity, from Ben Affleck to Yasmine Bleeth. Then celebrate a fabulous (imaginary) V-Day with your brand-new celebrity someone.


It seems like whenever you need to know what time it is, there's never a clock around. Timex has the answer: The new TMX Grip Clip attaches to your backpack, belt, boot or wherever. The clip-on watches come in cool colors and have features you've never seen in a regular wristwatch. For instance, if you need the answer to a pressing question, ask the watch and hit the "?" button. The watch's Mystery Answer feature responds with "Sure," "Maybe" or "Can't Tell."

The watches are shock-resistant and equipped with Timex's Indiglo feature, so you can tell time at night. Plus there's an alarm and a timer. The clips sell for $33, at department stores, specialty watch stores and discount stores, like Target.


"Don't force your kids into sports. I never was (forced). Fun. Keep it fun."

-- Tiger Woods on the advice he would give parents who want to raise the next Tiger Woods.

-- Knight Ridder

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