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Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov is trying to lure President George W. Bush away from his commitment to continue the development of a defensive anti-missile shield. Bush should politely turn down the offer and see that the new technology is developed.

While the proposed anti-missile defense system is far from being perfected, work should continue on the project so that . . . in the future the United States will be able to defend citizens from ballistic missile attacks.

What Bush needs to do is to clearly outline why he wants the anti-missile system developed; and then he must offer to share the technology worldwide so that the threat of ICBMs can be eliminated forever.

The end of the Cold War only reduced the chance of nuclear war, it did not eliminate it. The next step to getting rid of one aspect of the Cold War weaponry is for the United States to develop its anti-missile technology, and then share it, even with former enemies.

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