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Is anyone else becoming nauseated at the endless, self-righteous pontificating of George "the-world's-smartest-person" Will? If he is not bashing any and every progressive thought or policy ever put forth in this country, he is attempting to prove his own superiority in every subject, from politics to baseball.

His recent attack on one of his oldest and favorite targets, the National Endowment for the Arts, is typical. Will doesn't like anything that gets federal funding except corporations that contribute heavily to Republican politicians, especially if it supports something he doesn't understand or does not find "conservative" enough.

Art that doesn't appeal to Will is not "cultured," it doesn't strive for excellence! And now Will, who hates almost everything that has a governmental association -- except perhaps, Supreme Court decisions that corrupt elections -- seems to think that Lynn Cheney and the newly appointed president should "define culture" and presumably art that meets his standard of excellence.

I can see it already -- bold paintings with vivid colors depicting avenging angels with blood-stained swords, marching knights out to save civilization, panoramic scenes of industrial strength and the armies of the chosen ones -- oops, wait, I think we've seen it all before. Germany, 1930s comes to mind.



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