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French actress Juliette Binoche's taste for chocolate hasn't been dulled at all by being surrounded by sweets in Lasse Hallstrom's "Chocolat."

"I love all of it, I want a black one, white one, milky one. I want all of it," she said Saturday after a screening of the film at the Berlin International Film Festival. "I'm very flexible about chocolate."

In the film, the Oscar-winning Binoche plays Vianne Rocher, who arrives in a small southern French town in 1959 with her young daughter and upsets the town's staunch reserve with her luscious confections.

The film also stars Hallstrom's wife, Lena Olin, as Josephine Muscat, a woman who is "cured" by chocolate. Olin said she can see the eternal appeal of chocolate as something forbidden.

"It's a crossing of a line that you're doing something sinful," she said. "You always have to make excuses when you see someone eating chocolate."

"Chocolat," considered a possible contender in Tuesday's Academy Award nominations for acting and a long shot for best picture, also stars Johnny Depp and Judi Dench.

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