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My husband's name was drawn for a moose permit in New Hampshire last spring, so he went moose hunting there in the fall. He was successful in getting a bull, the first one he has ever gotten. There was enough meat to fill one freezer and part of another. We have relatives who like game meat, and between us and them, not one bit of this meat will go to waste. It is just like top-grade beef without all of the fat.

We have a relative who raises beef steers. We usually buy half of a side of beef from him. This year we didn't need to, because we had enough meat already. My husband also didn't try very hard to get a deer this year. So maybe a deer lived and one less steer was slaughtered because a moose was taken.

The dangers of moose-car accidents in Maine and New Hampshire have become very real. Maine averages 700 accidents per year. It is also a problem in Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut and occasionally in the Adirondacks. The percentage of fatal accidents with moose runs 100 times greater than that with deer, because the moose are so large.

My question is: What is the difference in using the meat from a wild animal as compared to using the meat from a domestic animal? Why is it all right to eat beef, pork and chicken, but wrong to eat venison, elk, caribou or moose? Unless one is a vegetarian, I can see no legitimate argument.



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