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Super or Hypocrite? Mario Lemieux leaves because he was treated like a hockey player and his body couldn't handle it.

Now Bettman and media shout for joy about Lemieux's return. Instead of addressing issues like ticket prices, revenue sharing, the possibility of Canadian teams leaving, and a potential lockout over the collective bargaining agreement, let's revel at Mario's return. Well, count me out.

Game after game he goes untouched. I've noticed, just like before, the guy can do no wrong. A vicious crosscheck to a player's face goes unnoticed by the league, let alone the refs. He chops ankles, and takes patented dives -- vintage Mario. Back for the love of the game? Hardly. He's back to sell jerseys, tickets and a new building in hopes of selling at top dollar.

If he loves the game, why hire a convicted criminal in Billy Tibbett? Why does the team he employs look like the Hanson brothers? I thought he despised that brand of hockey. Whatever sells, right Mario? Well, judging from the Flyers game, where Mario had to work for position, it won't be long before he's crying foul again.

Why did Lemieux and Gretzky buy into American teams while their homeland struggles to keep teams? I guess it was their love for the American game. The bottom line is they love the stage that puts them at center ice, thinking they're bigger than the game they love --the truest meaning of hypocrisy.

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