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All My Children: Mateo worked tirelessly to restore Hayley's sanity, and the real Hayley finally broke through. When Hayley insisted on confessing to Derek, Adam declared that he had killed Arlene while drugged on Libidozone. Meanwhile, Arlene is very much alive in the tropics. Leslie fell into David's trap and stole Libidozone, which she used to drug Tad. Tad sought help from Jake, who suspected David was responsible. Bianca, furious with Erica for paying Rain to leave town, was about to move away, but stayed when an ill Sarah unexpectedly arrived. Jake threatened to stop Gillian's divorce proceedings and told Ryan that she is pregnant. Coming: Erica offers support to Bianca.

As the World Turns: Molly and Jake witnessed a stunning vision. Emily's information proved valuable to the police. A clueless Carly was not thrilled when she learned the nature of her inheritance. Lily told Simon that things were over between them. Bryant was left to explain his actions as Lucinda worked to gain his freedom. Craig persisted in his manipulation of Barbara, as she came closer to falling into his trap. Coming: Hal finds the means of fighting back.

Bold and Beautiful: Following the boat's near miss of hitting a fishing buoy, Ridge and Taylor panicked to discover that Steffy was missing. When Steffy's damaged life jacket was later recovered, they were devastated to learn that she must have perished in a shark attack. The grieving family said goodbye to their child in a moving memorial service. Brooke was caught off guard when Morgan showed up at her office and she wished her well, but Morgan declared that she'll sue the company if Brooke insists on firing her. Deacon showed Amber custody papers transferring his parental rights to her, but only if she moves in with him for four months. Coming: Taylor is devastated by her loss.

Days of Our Lives: Jennifer was shocked to encounter Jack at the coronation, and vowed that she would never take him back. But Jack replied that he doesn't want her, only Abby, and is prepared to consult a lawyer. After Shawn paid a compliment to Mimi, she believed that he's interested in her, even though Shawn cares only for Belle. Philip told Victor how he witnessed Kate having sex with another man. When Kate tried justifying her actions to Victor, he called her a whore and ordered her to leave. Philip then told Kate that he will never forgive her. Charles watched Greta at the coronation, determined to kill her. Coming: The hit man gets ready to strike.

General Hospital: When Bobbie deceived Roy and flew to Chicago, he found her travel information and realized that she lied. Roy confronted Bobbie and insisted on visiting Melissa himself. Sorel mapped out his plans for Sonny's murder, even as Sonny happily planned an extravagant wedding for Carly. Taggart fumed when Hannah agreed to go on a date with A.J. Jason reassured Liz about her looks after she became upset when Lucky did a photo shoot with Gia. Luke's return to town led to a rekindling of old feelings with Felicia. Nikolas and Laura refused to mend fences with Stefan, despite his repeated pleas for a reconciliation. Coming: Juan decides to go on tour.

Guiding Light: Buzz and Holly made it through their first date and continued to grow closer. Richard interrupted a close moment between Edmund and Beth. As the rescue mission to retrieve Marah got under way, the grave situation led to an eruption of tension. Phillip and Harley's newfound understanding was threatened. Josh and Olivia's difference of opinion was a source of pleasure to Reva, who was ready to make the most of it. Coming: Reva seeks help from Alan.

One Life to Live: Kevin and Kelly enlisted Max to help them stop Blair and Todd from marrying, but their efforts were unsuccessful in splitting up the couple. After Colin warned R.J. that he knows about his dealings with Roseanne, R.J. backed off from his threats to expose Roseanne to Antonio. Colin informed Will about Lindsay's role in Nora's disappearance and memory loss, and a disgusted Will walked out as Lindsay attempted to justify her actions. Asa was fearful after he experienced visions of a dead Ben. Renee then became concerned when Gina arrived and warned Asa not to repeat his mistreatment of Ben. Coming: Todd finds Blair in bed with Max!

Passions: Julian floored Ethan by proclaiming that Ethan is not his son or a Crane, and produced the newspaper article and Ivy's unsent letter. Julian then forced Ivy to admit that she was Sam's lover. A devastated Ethan swore never to forgive the person who kept the truth from him and sent the information to the tabloid. Hearing this, Rebecca and Gwen gleefully awaited Theresa's downfall. In the chaos, Gwen fell down the stairs and was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. With Charity having been sent to hell, Hecuba shifted her focus to destroying Tabitha and Timmy, who had just returned following a narrow escape from the motel. Coming: Charity's disappearance raises an alarm.

Port Charles: A heartbroken Eve listened as Ian and Arianna announced their marriage, unaware that the nuptials are a scam to keep Arianna in the United States. Ian revealed to Joe that Arianna would have been murdered to protect her family's honor because she was raped. A suspicious Ben told Arianna that he'll accept her marriage as valid when she produces an heir. Trapped in a train compartment, Kevin told Lucy that his marriage is over, and they became passionate. Jack confessed to Livvie that he had romanced her to get revenge against Chris. Coming: Jamal is caught in a dangerous situation.

Young and Restless: Nick sold the bag of coffee to Jordan, unaware it contains drugs. Noting Diane's genuine surprise at the paternity test results, Victor believed that the sperm samples may have been switched, and called Paul to investigate. Tricia informed Ryan that their marriage is over and she plans to leave town in a month. Meanwhile, Nick was caught by surprise when Carter gave two weeks' notice and said he's accepted a job as a high school football coach. Jack refused when Phyllis asked to go public with their relationship. Mac was appalled when she saw Brittany putting on the opal ring that she had previously returned to Billy. Coming: Tricia remains unaware that she's being used.