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I have to laugh when I hear people say that religion is for the weak-minded. One confirmed atheist said that my belief in God was a front for my fear of the unknown, a simple coping mechanism. However, thanks to the growing popularity of relativism, my beliefs are OK with him, as long as I respect his.

Nicole Kaznowski's obvious life philosophy, however, transcends even relativism. In her Feb. 3 "My View," she said she does not believe she has an obligation to help any man just because he is a fellow human in need. She believes nothing is as important as herself and her happiness.

She moves beyond indifference and appears hostile toward anyone who might infringe upon her self-absorbed universe. She wants the Ten Commandments out of the public schools because they may not be the standard of right or wrong for everyone.

It is not easy to be a Christian. Because of my faith, I endured merciless criticism throughout school because I was different. I chose not to drink, do drugs, cheat on tests or lie to my parents.

This was not easy. It would have been easy to deny the existence of God, and do whatever I wanted to do -- in essence make myself the center of the universe.

I spent my summers traveling to different parts of the world where people were less fortunate than I was. I saw starving children, drug-addicted prostitutes and people who had no homes. I believe that life is precious. I believe all life is given by God.

Christians are persecuted for their faith in China and other nations. America has grown persistently hostile toward Christians. If I profess that I am a Christian, I am immediately stereotyped as a "right-winged wacko."

Yes, I believe that abortion as a form of birth control is wrong. I have homosexual friends, and they know that I have a world view that is different than theirs. But they know that I love them, and that if they were drowning in a lake, I would jump in after them. I don't know that Kaznowski would. It just might ruin her happy day.



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