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I completely agree with the gentleman who wrote about the state of our beloved game of bowling.

As a proprietor's point of view, I pose these questions and comparisons to bowling and golf, as a majority of us have tried both.

I'd like to see 100-foot high barriers constructed on each side of the fairway slowly tapering towards the hole, because that is what you have as a shot in today's game of bowling. At least you make a grave error in bowling, your ball will still come back to you.

Bowlers seem to be so much more knowledgeable in today's game than they used to be, more than willing to let you know what should have been done to guarantee their success.

Jerry Sullivan had it wrong last summer when he picked up the sticks and attempted to break 100 before the summer's end. If he had started bowling, he'd easily be averaging over 200 and it would have cost him so much less in equipment.

A question was posed at a proprietors' meeting a couple of years ago that said the scores were getting outrageous and that you were a $20,000-plus lance machine away from achieving these scores yourself. The answer was, "Should I lower my standards to your conditions?" The integrity of the sport was questioned but everybody knew the answer.

Higher scores-happier bowlers= more money in the till. It's not a difficult decision to make. As a small bowling center we can't absorb the cost of making a better bowler out of you. We'll try to keep up with the equipment we can afford and our recreational bowling attitude.

From the rumble of multiple ball bags and frustrated bowlers heading off to greener pastures and softer houses, remember it doesn't matter how good the food or how cold the beer, it all depends on what happens on the other side of the foul line.

It's human nature for people to become easily bored and find other things to do in this day and age when they feel like they are not challenged by a particular sport. Live it up folks because this game won't last the way it's going.
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