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Was Jerry Sullivan serious when he stated Marv Levy's coaching job in Super Bowl XXV was "the worst coaching job in Super Bowl history?" Most Bills fans will admit Marv was outcoached by the Tuna but let's look at some of the other less-than-stellar coaching jobs over the past three and a half decades and see how the Bills' Hall-of-Famer stacks up:

Super Bowl III -- Did Parcells outcoach Marv any more decisively than Weeb Ewbank outcoached Colts' reputed genius, Don Shula? I think not. It's still recognized as one of the great upsets in sports history and remembered for Joe Namath's Muhammed Ali-like guarantee of victory.

Super Bowl XX -- Mike Ditka's Bears, led by Buddy Ryan's great defense, hand Raymond Berry's Patriots a 46-10 whuppin'. Berry might have been Johnny U.'s favorite target in his Hall-of-Fame career as a player but he was no better than average as a coach.

Super Bowl XXIV -- Bill Walsh's San Fransico 49'ers-55, Dan Reeves' Denver Broncos-10. Fans may not remember this one too well even though it was played just one year before "Wide Right," since most people gave up on the Broncos by the middle of the third quarter.

Super Bowl XXIX -- Bobby Ross coaching a Super Bowl team? What were the odds? Looking back on his undistinguished career as an NFL head coach isn't surprising that his Chargers lost to George Seifert's Niners, 49-26. And that was the year everybody outside of WNY was dying to see "anybody but the Bills."

There are other bad coaching jobs I could cite but I think these four are all inferior to Marv's admittedly bad job ten years ago. Most football fans recognize Marv as not only the Bills' all-time greatest coach but one of the best coaches in NFL history. I think he rates quite a bit higher among NFL coaches than Jerry Sullivan rates among sportswriters.

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