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Six people are hospitalized after pileup on Highway 401

WOODSTOCK, Ont. (AP) -- A massive road crash involving 38 vehicles near this southwestern Ontario city sent six people to the hospital Saturday, while rescue crews worked to clear the wreckage.

Ontario Provincial Police Constable Tim McCoy said some of the injuries in the Highway 401 pileup were serious but not expected to be life-threatening.

The injured were taken to the nearby Woodstock General Hospital, and one driver was airlifted to a hospital in London, Ont.

Weather conditions were poor at the time of the crash, with both snowfall and high winds.

Uproar marks anniversary of Iranian revolution

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) -- Fistfights broke out between hard-liners and supporters of a leading dissident Saturday, shortly after President Mohammad Khatami warned that extremist interpretations of Islamic law were threatening freedom and democratic rule in Iran.

"The revolution belongs to all Iranians, and nobody has the right to seize it in his own name or tendency," Khatami said in a speech marking the 22nd anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Tens of thousands of people, chanting national slogans, gathered in Tehran's Azadi Square to mark the anniversary of the revolution that toppled the Pahlavi monarchy.

Not long after Khatami's speech, hard-line vigilantes clashed with supporters of Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, the head of the reformist Iranian People's Democratic Front party.

Rebels raid Indian village; three shot, 10 burned alive

JAMMU, India (AP) -- Suspected Muslim separatist rebels raided a remote mountainous village in Jammu-Kashmir state, shooting to death three members of a village defense group and burning alive 10 members of their families, police said Saturday.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack Friday night in Solasi, a village in Rajouri district, 150 miles northwest of Jammu, the state's winter capital.

The attackers forced the three men from their homes and shot them, police said. The victims were members of the Village Defense Committee, armed and trained by the government to defend against Muslim guerrilla attacks.

The attackers then set the men's homes on fire with their relatives trapped inside. On Saturday, police found the bodies of 10 people in the destroyed homes, officials said. The victims were all Muslims.

The government says more than 30,000 people have been killed in fighting between government forces and rebel groups in Kashmir during the past 11 years. Human rights groups say the number is twice that.

Protesters try to stop neo-Nazi march in Germany

HAGEN, Germany (AP) -- Thousands more protesters than expected turned out Saturday to demonstrate against a neo-Nazi march in western Germany that drew 250 people.

About 7,500 counterdemonstrators came to the march organized by the Federation of German Unions, far exceeding the 5,000 expected. Police said 200 protesters tried to break through barriers and disrupt the neo-Nazi march.

Four police officers suffered minor injuries, and 17 demonstrators were arrested.

The governor of North Rhine-Westphalia state, Wolfgang Clement, had called for a peaceful demonstration.

Counterdemonstrations against neo-Nazis are fairly common in Germany, which is trying to combat a wave of hate crimes that is the worst since an outbreak just after reunification in 1990.

The neo-Nazis were allowed to demonstrate but banned from wearing jackboots or bomber jackets, and were not allowed to march in rows or beat drums.

"We wanted to prevent a uniformed march because that would frighten people," police spokeswoman Ute Hellmann said.

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