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Dear Eunice Farmer: I'm going on a cruise in March and would love to make some wrap skirts. They look so easy to sew, especially the ones that tie at the side. Can you suggest a simple pattern? -- Peggy D.

Dear Peggy: Look for Kwik-Sew pattern 2252, size XS to XL (all sizes included in pattern). It is very easy to make and fit -- what more can you ask for? It's perfect for warm climates and can be casual or very dressy, depending on your choice of fabric.

If you can't find Kwik-Sew patterns in your area, you can order this pattern from me. Simply write Eunice Farmer, P.O. Box 61329, St. Louis, MO 63131 and enclose $10, which also includes postage and handling.

Gapping troubles

Dear Eunice Farmer: Recently I have seen many blouses and dresses with square necklines. They're very flattering and different, so I tried making one. I love it but can't keep it from gapping at the center instead of lying nice and flat. Do you have any tips? -- Millie N.

Dear Millie: There is a rather simple way of making the square neckline lie perfectly flat. After the facing has been applied to the neckline and it has been understitched and pressed, attach a piece of 1/4 -inch elastic at an angle, as close as possible to each corner.

Hand-whip about a 1/2 inch on each side of the elastic to the facing. After you have attached a separate piece of elastic to each corner, you must determine the correct length. Slip your dress or blouse over your head and shoulders, then bring both ends of the elastic under your arms to the middle of your back, and mark the exact spot where they cross. (Don't pull the elastic too tight.)

Now apply a hook and eye to the ends. This is hooked to itself and will hold the square neckline firmly to your body. The lower the neckline, the better this works.

Plaid goes wrong

Dear Eunice Farmer: I just finished sewing a plaid jacket and I'm sick about it -- the plaids don't match at the side seams! I carefully matched the front and back at the armholes, but now the rest of the seam doesn't match. What did I do wrong? -- Fran W.

Dear Fran: You probably left out a very important detail. Your jacket must have had an underarm dart for the bust shaping. In this case, you must match the plaid below the dart. The plaids should match at the hemline. Remember this tip in the future, and I'm sure you'll never make this mistake again.

Sewing tip

An eyeglass case (the kind you slip your glasses into) protects your rotary cutter or scissors when you travel or when they are not being used.

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