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Two first-year members of the Holland School Board have resigned, citing dissatisfaction with the way the school district is operated.

William Franczak, a former teacher and town supervisor, resigned Jan. 19, but his resignation was not announced until Wednesday night's meeting. Sandra Husman, who was elected last summer to fill a one-year term, then announced her resignation.

"When I was elected, I got 83 percent of the vote," Franczak said. "I never dreamed within eight or nine months I'd be resigning."

Franczak was one of two candidates elected from a field of eight in last spring's elections, when a controversy over the proposed addition of a football program split the community.

Franczak said he had a "litany of reasons" for resigning, but one of the major ones was that he did not want to be associated with the district's next budget, which he said reflects a lack of long-term planning.

Franczak said the final straw came when the school district had a job opening and he had difficulties in finding out who the eight candidates were. One of the candidates, he said, turned out to be a sitting School Board member.

"I saw this as a conflict of interest," he said. "If a sitting member is going to apply for a position, he should resign, but he didn't."

Conflict-of-interest issues also played a part in Husman's decision to resign. Husman runs the Color Your World Childcare Center in Holland, which has the contract to provide the universal prekindergarten program for Holland schools.

Husman, who also criticized district planning, said that when she ran to fill the position left vacant by Glenn Kline's resignation, she was not told that there would be any conflict of interest. But, she said, she was told two months after her election that she would have to choose between running for a full board term and bidding on the prekindergarten program.

"I would like you to know I believe in punctuality, truthfulness, openness, the willingness to accept new ideas and the same set of standards for everyone," Husman said in a statement she read at the board meeting.

"When I was running, nobody informed me later down the road there could be a conflict of interest, or I wouldn't have wasted my time," she said Thursday. "Two months later I'm informed of it? Why? Because I didn't sit there and say yes to everything?

"I feel there's a double set of standards. If it's a conflict for me, it should be for someone else."

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