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After reading the Jan. 28 News article about the heinous killing of James Mack, I felt I had to write and express my sadness over the lives of the lost children accused of the crime.

I then read the Viewpoints article written by the son of a "Baker boy" -- one of many saved by Father Nelson Baker from what might have been a similar life of despair and crime. I also thought of what Father Baker did to save countless unborn babies and newborns who could not be cared for by their often unwed mothers.

In this day of increasing people needs, it is shameful -- even sinful -- to spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to promote Father Baker's cause for sainthood. This money and the energy being used to raise it should be used to continue his work of touching and saving lives.

In promoting his cause for sainthood, I feel the Vatican needs to look no further to see a true saint. What he did while he was alive and the legacy he has left in the entire Baker-Victory Complex is greater than any medical cure or miraculous uncongealed blood the Vatican is considering in its quest to prove him worthy of sainthood.



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