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"Picasso had his Blue Period. And I'm in my Blond Period."

- Hugh Hefner, in upcoming Vanity Fair, quoted in New York Daily News

The party's over...

... Already? Last Thursday, the Tap Room's ad had listed 10:30 as the time Louisiana zydeco kingpin Buckwheat Zydeco would take the stage. Well, Buckwheat started at 9 and was gone by 11, muttering about having to be in Toronto the next day. Now, this is a man whose band goes by the name of "Ils Sont Partis," which is French for, "We're Cajun party animals, and we're going to drink absinthe all night, and tomorrow morning, those who survive are going to march on City Hall and demand that bar hours be extended from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m.!" Hmmmph. Party animal, our foot. And may we add that we fear not only for Buckwheat, but for Buffalo. Used to be you were never out the door before midnight. What is this town coming to? No wonder people are leaving in droves.

The rock keeps on rolling

One thing that, happily, never changes would be Willie and the Reinhardts, whose show we caught at the Central Park Grill. That pounding Reinhardts sound! After a long day, there's nothing like it. (One listener, overwhelmed by a long drum solo by Teddy Reinhardt, marveled, "It's like Gettysburg.") The band plays what it wants. "Do you take requests?" someone asked. "Sometimes," said Tommy Reinhardt, before slamming into another original. The evening was complete when a blond in a black leather miniskirt, waving a beer bottle, leapt up and began bumping and grinding with Tommy. He didn't say, as a novice might have, "Please get off the stage." Instead, he danced, too. Buzz had only one criticism of the scene: Her beer was a yuppie Corona. Better would have been ... well, as Dennis Hopper barked in "Blue Velvet," "Pabst Blue Ribbon!"

Jurassic pothole

One guy Buzz knows, Tom Zielinski, once drove into a Buffalo pothole, got his wheel stuck and - we're serious - had to be towed out. Now Zielinski, living in Nashville, periodically considers returning here, but the memory of that pothole discourages him. Sometimes, though, potholes could be good for tourism. Take the one at the corner of South Park Avenue and Ridge Road. It is so deep that you can see the original cobblestones! One member of the Preservation Coalition assures us that they're from 1910, probably earlier. What a tourism bonus! We should promote that as a package deal with Our Lady of Victory Basilica.

Love on the rocks

They're everywhere, ominous signs that it's going to be one of those Valentine's Days. First, WNED-FM, in its ad for Dave Brubeck's Valentine's Day concert at Shea's, plays not his lovely "In Your Own Sweet Way" but, instead, his strident "Blue Rondo A La Turk." Next, an ad pops up on our computer touting "relationship-saving" presents. So romantic! We weren't surprised, then, to see a flier hyping an appearance by local writer Tom Waters. (Well, 11 appearances, actually, in February. He's a busy guy.) "He's single, he's lively and he needs your emotional validation very, very badly," we read. Sound good? Without divulging his whole schedule, Waters will be hawking his book "Soup To Nuts" Wednesday at 8 p.m. at Coffee Bean Cafe on Main Street.

The buzz

Love how all through the recent mild weeks, WBEN-AM still keeps thumping its chest, thundering that it's our Winter Weather Survival Station, darn it, whether it's snowing or not. "Where were you during the big storm?" they keep asking. Gee, it was so long ago, we don't even remember. ... Fast food shorthand: The window of a pizza joint on Niagara Falls Boulevard reads simply: "CHE PEPP." ... New - and tasty - open mike, under the direction of stylish guitarist Eric Joseph. It's at Al-E-Oops, the barbecue place at the corner of Genesee and Harris Hill, Tuesdays starting at 8:30 p.m.

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