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To many Australians it feels like they've lost their favorite son-in-law and top honorary Aussie.

Images of film stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who is Australian, were splashed across front pages Wednesday as the nation mourned the Hollywood couple's breakup.

"Tom and Nicole admit it's mission impossible," read a front page headline in the Australian, a reference to one of Cruise's biggest box office blockbusters.

Kidman and Cruise announced their amicable separation Tuesday, saying diverging careers had driven a wedge between their 10-year marriage. The pair have two adopted children, Isabella, 8, and Connor, 6.

The glamour couple were the toast of Sydney last year, living in a sprawling harborside mansion while filming separate projects.

However, not all papers were sympathetic.

The Australian heaped scorn on the reason the couple gave for the separation.

"Balancing work and family life is a formidable challenge for us all, but Tom and Nicole are among those best-equipped to do it," The Australian said, pointing out the couple was worth an estimated $250 million.

"Who do Tom and Nicole think they're kidding?"

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