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Another one bites the dust: So we now bid farewell to the fabled, perfect marriage of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. I confess, I'm surprised. I thought these two had it all together. But, married since 1991, with two children, they say in their separation statement that their divergent careers keep them apart. Actually, it was always a stated thesis by these two that they never allowed themselves to be separated for more than two weeks. Well, stuff happens! Stuff even happens just as Valentine's Day is upon us. If Kim and Alec can't stay together, if Meg and Dennis can't, it's unrealistic for us to expect Nicole and Tom to hold the fort.

A most perfect union: The New York City wedding night party of fashion's Diane Von Furstenberg, who gave her new husband, Barry Diller, herself for his 59th birthday, was perfect in this respect. I have known the powerful and enigmatic Mr. Diller for more than 30 years, but never before have I seen him so happy. When he met the director Joel Schumacher and me at the front door of Diane's downtown house, he was grinning from ear to ear. And he continued to smile like that all night and to hug and kiss famous names and unknown young and beautiful women and men. Diane, with a new husband and a former husband, Egon Von Furstenberg, in tow, was just her usual energetic and charming self.

As a wedding gift, I am told the groom gave the bride 26 paper thin, but stunning, gold rings - one for each of the years they have known one another before marriage.

This and that: People who talked to Bill Clinton last week say the former chief executive is "seriously depressed" by recent events. Hmmm! . . . Camilla Parker Bowles, the love of Prince Charles' life, will attend a party this week at which both the Prince of Wales and his son, Prince William, will be guests of honor. This is the first occasion for the three to be in public at an official engagement together. It happens in London's Somerset House, and though Prince Charles and Camilla will arrive and leave separately, this means that Charles intends for his relationship with Camilla to be "accepted." . . . Diane Sawyer is to receive Lifetime's "Intimate Portrait" treatment, an hour titled "Golden Girl of the News," airing Feb. 19. . . . This column said it would be a great idea for Madonna to direct Britney Spears in the video of M's next single, "What It Feels Like for a Girl." But perhaps Madonna has recovered from her Britney fever. The video, starring Madonna, will be directed by Guy Ritchie, her husband.

All aboard the "Friends" train: Now that Jennifer Aniston's "Friends" is being trounced by the absurd "Survivor" series on TV, her hubby, Brad Pitt, may be getting some pressure to make a guest appearance. Word is he has looked over a couple of scripts but has made no commitment. Well, we hear that John Travolta is close to saying yes to a "Friends" appearance. He co-starred with cast member Lisa Kudrow in the unlucky big-screen effort "Lucky Numbers," so this is a possibility. And, after all, "Friends" has already had or expects to have Tom Selleck, Bruce Willis, Jason Alexander and Susan Sarandon on board.

Flip flop: Speaking of Travolta, his "Battlefield Earth" has become one of the legendary flops of all time. (Don't snicker, this happens to everybody sooner or later.) Now "BE" is being made into an animated series. Chow Yun Fat, widely acclaimed for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," is to supply the voice for the role of Terl in the cartoon. Terl was played by Travolta in the big sci-fi movie.

Perfect casting: Eddie Fisher might be a creep to his ex-wives, who are numerous and vocal, but he has a good idea in suggesting that Robert Downey Jr. star in the TV biopic of his tell-too-much "Been There, Done That." Downey can play almost anything, and he'd be fabulous portraying Fisher's dueling personalities - the poor soul and the arrogant womanizing superstar.

Let's cast the rest of this movie. How about Lisa Kudrow or Jennifer Aniston as the woman Eddie and Elizabeth Taylor done wrong - Debbie Reynolds? And, who to play Miss Taylor? Maybe it would be best to talk about La Liz, but never show anything except the back of her head or a heavily jeweled hand or a flash of cleavage. Why put some poor actress through the cosmetics wringer? She'd only come out looking like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. Replicating legends on TV seldom works.

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