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The former Ron Jaworski Stadium in Lackawanna remains Veterans Memorial Stadium, with talks ahead to consider if another sports field would be an appropriate site for a veterans memorial to soothe ruffled feelings.

The Lackawanna City Council on Monday did not restore the name but received and filed such a request from the mayor.

The stadium bore the name of the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback for 20 years. The City Council voted 4-1 to change the name last month.

A dozen veterans, members of Lackawanna Post 63, American Legion, led by Commander Paul Strycharz, who sponsored the request Jan. 8, returned for the debate.

"There are hundreds of pieces of land honoring veterans in Lackawanna," Strycharz said. "They are called graves, and each one of them is paid for, both in dollars and a life, and all these pieces of land go mostly unnoticed."

Strycharz, a police officer who works in Lackawanna City Court, said most residents pass Holy Cross Cemetery without a thought of the "little pieces of land" dedicated to veterans.

"So what's the big deal about naming a prominent piece of land in honor of all the veterans in a prominent place in Lackawanna?" he asked. "Mr. Jaworski was a great football player from Lackawanna. He was paid very well, and he never came back to the city or gave the city anything. The veteran was paid very little, and he did come back to the city."

The Council had no intent of showing disrespect to Jaworski or his family, said Councilman Richardo Estrada, First Ward.

Mayor John J. Kuryak said his request to the Council to withdraw the name change was not political. He reiterated his belief that an area of Memorial Field on Ridge Road, where a monument to veterans is in place, could be developed for a memorial.

Mildred Jaworski, mother of Ron, said her son owns and pays taxes on the house where she lives. "When you give somebody an honor, you don't take it away," she said.

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