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As I read the letter, "Lack of supervision led to girl's drowning," I felt compelled to respond. The writer stated that she could only imagine what the parents are going through to cope with this tragedy.

This tragedy affected an entire family, and words cannot describe the emptiness that has ensued. It is a terrible finality that brings no joy or comfort with it.

It affects all of one's senses. All that was once held so dear is gone forever. There are no more sights or sounds, no hugs or kisses, no laughter. And the tears that flow do not need reason, they flow ever so easily.

To speculate that Alysa Orzolick could just as easily have drowned in a puddle of standing water is preposterous.

A few inches of water atop the surface of an in-ground pool amounts to much more than a puddle of standing water. How deep does this few inches of water become when one steps on the cover? A few feet? Would a toddler even stand a chance in such circumstances?

Pools have no place at day care centers, and it's a shame that it took a tragedy for this issue to be addressed.

As far as banning trees, this is a pretty ridiculous statement. Trees are a part of our natural habitat. We don't hear too often about deaths of toddlers from falling out of trees. We do, however, hear of drownings.

Finally, is a momentary lack of supervision acceptable from a day care provider? We entrust our precious children to these people for safe-keeping while we are away at work.

I will work for legislation to ban pools at day care centers, as well as appropriate adult-to-child ratios, and anything else that can ensure safer environments for our children.



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