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Movie openings: Friday, "Saving Silverman" (Steve Zahn, Jack Black, Amanda Peet in romantic comedy).

New on video: Today: "Urban Legends: Final Cut."

Concerts: Wednesday, Backstreet Boys, Toronto Skydome; Thursday, Barenaked Ladies, Blue Cross Arena, Rochester; March 13, A Perfect Circle, ECC Downtown Flickinger Athletic Center; June 3, U2 (With PJ Harvey), HSBC Arena.

Other: Feb. 24, Stars on Ice: Scott Hamilton's Farewell Tour, HSBC Arena.

Let's say the school bully decides he wants to practice his swing -- and you're the target. Do you know how to take a punch? And what if you're in a taxi and a woman really DOES have a baby -- can you deliver it?

"The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook" by Joshua Piven and David Borgenicht (Chronicle Books, $14.95 ) gives the know-how to take what life may unexpectedly dish out. OK, so you may not need to know how to deal with a charging bull or maneuver on top of a moving train anytime soon, but knowing how to treat frostbite just may come in handy. And if you want a tip 365 times over, it's not too late to check out the 2001 Calendar at

You've shopped the Web before and love surfing the sites. But wouldn't it be nice to have a personal assistant ready before you can say "shop"?

Ditch the mouse and keyboard, girls, because Samantha Seventeen is ready to do the work. Sam's no stranger -- she was designed based on a survey of viewers. The result? A voice-activated "personal assistant" with a personality and look similar to hip celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow. Sam can help you surf and beyond, and she even has a sidekick to read your e-mail aloud (be sure to turn the volume down, first!). All you have do is download the free software to your PC from Seventeen's Web site, and you're ready to go.

Guys, you know you need the right cologne to impress the ladies. But don't douse them with overpowering musky scents or dab on one that's been around longer than you have.

Check out Nautica's very fresh Longitude Latitude. It's clean. It's manly. It's a must-have. The 1.7-ounce eau de toilette goes for $32, but a better bargain is the not-overpowering splash essentials. Look for Longitude Latitude at just about any major department store.

"I'd be the first to admit that I did irresponsible things when I was younger and irresponsible."

-- President George W. Bush
-- Knight Ridder

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