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Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Erie County Clerk's Office for the week ending Jan. 26, 2001.


52 Two Rod Rd., Kevin Holcomb, Robin Holcomb to Jeffrey Mullins, Jaclyne Mullins, $75,000.


337 Lakewood Pkwy., Douglas Conner, Douglas Conner to Mary Kren, $72,000.

23 Hirschfield Dr., Patrick Kane, Judith Kane to Timothy Doyle, Christa Doyle, $103,500.

4785 Chestnut Ridge Rd., 12, Ted Arimoto, Ailene Arimoto to Deborah Tracy, $63,000.

133 Bridle Path, Elizabeth Piotrowski to Gwendalyn Smith, $158,000.

29 Tanglewood Dr., Richard Boorman, Patricia Boorman to Helen Nelson, $145,000.

153 Margaret Rd., Joan Wheeler, William Wheeler to Richard Fike, Linda Fike, $69,000.

149 Denrose Pl., Jerome Krajna, Norah Krajna to Richard Worling, $205,000.

209 West Maplemere Rd., Charles Seymour, Thelma Seymour to Henry Shoemaker, Traci Darnley, $85,000.

190 Fairgreen Dr., John Mussell to Guy Nelder, Shawn Nelder, $105,000.

624 Bauman Court, Diane Maefs to Don Camillo, $265,000.

75 Guilford Lane, Beverly Schmitt to William Leed, $73,500.

319 Burroughs Dr., Charles Reasons to HUD, $109,749.

156 Ridgewood Dr., Carol Yanik to Alex Beckman, Lisa Beckman, $84,250.

241 Sherbrooke Ave., Nikolai Galitsky, Mariya Rubleva to Heide Mathien, $128,000.

121 Los Robles, Kevin Grant, Nancy Grant to Marnie Etkin, $99,500.

149 Lyndhurst, Atul Pant, Aditi Pant to Edward Borosky, Kim Borosky, $93,000.

63 Steinway Ct., Thomas Demartino, Stephanie Demartino to John Smiley, Lorene Smiley, $26,000.

124 Sunshine, Concetta Salvo to Nabih Tablie, $109,500.

178 Summerhill Lane, (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Patricia Fashano, $437,757.

6024 Main St., 6024 Williamsville Inc. to 2900 Transit Road Llc, $300,000.

115 Telfair Dr., Sandy Maier to Michael Klein, Elaine Klein, $110,000.

53 Stevenson Blvd., Karl Safulko to Damone James, Christine James, $86,500.

18 Clarion Ct., (The) Ciminelli Companies Inc. to Louis Nuchereno, Barbara Nuchereno, $55,000.

80 Westport Ct., Forbes Homes Inc. to Mary Stock, $249,900.

24 Rambling Rd., Mark Schneider, Linda Cifelli to Gurbaksh Singh, Satinder Kaur, $92,000.

64 Acacia Dr., Lewis Bernstein, Jill Bernstein to Robert Vacanti, Karen Szabo, $118,500.

2 Amsley Ct., Jeffrey Arrigoni, Maria Arrigoni to Ashok Mahna, Sharda Mahna, $181,000.

4035 Tonawanda Creek Rd., Arnold Weiss to Thomas Hood, Karen Hood, $45,000.

351 South Ellicott Crk Rd., James Bentley, Shari Bentley to HUD, $102,700.


270 Buffalo Rd., Stonegate Condominium Board of Managers to Albert Hughes, Susan Hughes, $3,000.

138 The Meadow, Henry Naylon, Henry Naylon to David Neamon, Denise Neamon, $154,000.

90 Sycamore St., Philip Giglio, Vicki Giglio to Linda Kosowski, $119,500.

1739 Center St., Robert Kubik, Judy Kubik to Andrew Wenner, Cheri Wenner, $149,000.

112 Sycamore St., David Watson, Suzanne Watson to Peter Ryan, Mary Flickinger, $116,200.

329 Grover Rd., Shirley Schmidt to Larry Ensminger, Lynn Ensminger, $75,000.


239 East St., James Orrange, Mary Orrange to Diane Russell, $31,800.

128 Sidway St., Donald Tripp to Sandra Tripp, $15,000.

617 Jefferson Ave., George Harris, Pearl Harris to Buffalo Neighborhood Revitalization Corp., $14,000.

403 Fox/614 E North, David Carrier, David Carrier to Kimberly Carrier, $8,000.

57 Humason, Kenneth Fronczak, Pamela Fronczak to Beatrice Dupree, $29,600.

38 Keystone Ave., Veronica Gerald to Bankers Trust Co. of California Na, $25,243.

153 Stockbridge Ave., Stefana Paskoff to Calvin Blackman, $23,404.

152 Floss Ave., Sharon Black to PNC Mortgage Corp. of America, $52,008.

152 Floss, PNC Mortgage Corp. of America to Jane Bryant, $14,000.

55 Erb Street, Kevin Delzer, Margaret Delzer to Dennis Olewniczak, $18,000.

67 Floss Ave., Loren Crowden, Denise Crowden to Federal National Mortgage Association, $50,908.

517 Shirley Ave., John Nocera to George Lewis, $33,000.

571 Lisbon, 571 Lisbon Avenue Trust to Andrew Mitchell, Cynthia Mitchell, $62,000.

309 North St., Unite 21, HUD to Salvatore Zambito, $18,500.

29 Sherwood St., Norberto Quinones, Luis Valle to Secretary of The Department of Housing&Urban, $47,500.

48 Zelmer St., Peter Maurer to HUD, $74,500.

284 Easton, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Charlotte Tyson, $12,500.

100 Indian Church, Paul Mccarthy, Marilyn Mccarthy to Mary Wasson, $62,000.

17 Fisher St., Howard Wright to HUD, $67,000.

622 Minnesota Ave., HUD to Aparte Equity Resources Inc., $14,250.

3165 Main St., Michael Miranda to Samuel Curtin, $75,000.

1408 Hertel Ave., William Zucker, Michael Zelcer to 1448 Hertel Ave. Inc., $170,000.

199 Laird Ave., Evelyn Fecher to Theodore Roth, $30,000.

186 Chapin Pkwy., U 1, Paul Digiulio to Gloria Eastman, Ben Eastman, $82,000.

325 Hewitt, City of Buffalo to Cornerstone Associates Inc., $8,000.

81 Allenhurst Rd., HUD to Andre Taibbi, $51,000.

15 Cash Realty to Ho Thuy, $46,000.

600 Main St., City Centre Development Co. of Buffalo to Rodolfo Villacorta, Mary Villacorta, $285,000.

327 Crestwood Ave., Mary Dauria to Dorothy John, $50,000.

40 Domedion Ave., HUD to Kanitra Mccarter, $18,901.

780 Amherst St., Mary Dauria to Dorothy John, $50,000.

369 Linden Ave., Alan Gershbein, Diane Gershbein to Citicorp Mortgage Inc., $92,871.

519 Lisbon Ave., Elizabeth Glover to HSBC Mortgage Corp. (USA), Marine Midland Mortgage Corp., $52,407.

11 Alice Ave., Jeffery Martin, Patricia Martin to M&T Mortgage Corp., $33,020.

99 East St., Virginia Hossfeld to Frank Vitello, $27,800.

256 Shirley Ave., Bonnie Nelson, Bonnie Smith to Charter One Bank FSB, $28,000.

558 Monroe St., William Hampton to US Bank National Association, $25,085.

483 Lisbon Ave., Federal National Mortgage Association to Suriel Development Inc., $20,000.

614 Starin Ave., Richard Speidel to Christy Marchese, $58,000.

614 Starin Ave., City of Buffalo to Mary Woodard, $12,000.

60 Roslyn St., David Woods to HUD, $33,705.

69 Langmeyer Ave., Willie Cornelius to Nationscredit Financial Services Corp., $29,500.

486 Minnesota Ave., Beneficial Mortgage Corp. to Richard Jacob, $11,300.

71 Dorris, City of Buffalo to Levelle Gerrald, $5,655.

48A Polish Pl., Andrew Borusowski to Bonita Milano, $52,000.

36 Arlington Pl., Leroy Smith, Le Roy Smith to Donald Dangelo, $80,000.

68 Zelmer, City of Buffalo to Cornerstone Associates Inc., $9,000.

197 Eden St., Stanley Polonski to Judith Johnson, $68,500.

29 Maple Ridge, City of Buffalo to Michelle Burney, $21,000.

933 Ferry West, City of Buffalo to Jeffrey Gabriel, $10,500.

182 Choate Ave., Richard Weaver to Debora Weaver, Deborah Weaver, $10,422.

305 Choate Ave., Janet Anderson, Janet Anderson to Laura Younder, $57,680.

17 Milburn St., Maryann Caver to HUD, $39,624.

118 East End Ave., HUD to Kyle Wiechelt, $11,350.

377 Huntington Ave., Jamie Forton to Patricia Ruof, $79,000.

224 Newfield St., Marisol Soto to HUD, $49,509.

364 Connecticut St., Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp. to Shazam Khan, $23,000.

702 Elmwood Ave., James Moss to John Higgins, $89,900.

33 Elgas St., HUD to Slavo Draksic, Ankica Draksic, $10,000.

1225 Niagara St., City of Buffalo to Diana Martinez, $9,000.

511 Monroe St., (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp. to Loretta Perkins, $90,000.

93 Sirret St., City of Buffalo to Felix Cedeno, $12,000.

397 Wyoming, City of Buffalo to Terrell Heath, $5,655.

146 Olympic, Kenneth Fox, Marilyn Fox to Fbosdiramid-Ohio Securities Corp., $12,000.

162 Selkirk St., Irene Decker to Tina Herbst, Raymond Herbst, $29,000.

162 Highland Ave., Richard Tow, Michele Tow to Natalie Gioia, David Dunklin, $87,000.

76 Warwick Ave., HUD to Gayle Pope, $12,000.

66 Rebecca Park, Frances Caruana to Nelson Rodriquez, $73,000.

245 Allen Street, Mary Candino, Margaret Geake to Ali Mugalli, $54,500.

115 E Utica St., James Hemphill to Household Finance Realty Corp. of NY, $20,000.

681 Auburn Ave., Perry Sullivan to Jon Nelson, Lazara Nelson, $96,000.

178 Fenton Street, Judith Zaccagnino to Joseph Puglisi, Marsha Puglisi, $50,000.

81 Godfrey, Ruth Wade to Willie Skipper, $37,000.

59 Linwood Ave., Lawrence Singer, Marilyn Singer to Penny Selmonsky, $160,000.

54 Schreck Ave., Gladys Ferguson to HUD, $29,584.

2763 Main St., Richard Pyle to West Royal Inc., $256,000.

257 Brinkman St., Hector Alejandro to HUD, $31,153.

185 Ladner St., City of Buffalo to Albert Burruano, Daniel Glushefski, $16,000.

17 Beatrice Ave., City of Buffalo to Scott Allan, John Schultz, $19,000.

211 East St., City of Buffalo to Albert Burruano, $6,000.

30 Ramsdell Ave., City of Buffalo to Albert Burruano, Daniel Glushefski, $24,000.

102 Weaver St., City of Buffalo to Albert Burruano, $20,000.

428 Wyoming Ave., City of Buffalo to CRM Enterprise Inc., $6,500.

316 Parker Ave., City of Buffalo to John Schultz, Scott Allan, $35,000.

238 Cambridge Ave., City of Buffalo to CRM Enterprise Inc., $8,500.

11 Brunswick Blvd., City of Buffalo to CRM Enterprise Inc., $8,500.

1230 Delavan East, City of Buffalo to James Dingeldey, $21,000.

50 Aldrich Pl., Federal National Mortgage Association to Richard Guard, $26,000.

396 Lakefront Blvd., Janice Cole to Kevin King, Maryellen King, $135,000.


56 Alpine Pl., Trust Andrew J Rosner Revocable to Loretta Critten, Fathelma Moore, $45,000.

126 Bronx Dr., Thomas Zaworski, Elizabeth Zaworski to Wayne Kinney, $77,000.

57 Marne Ave., John Benz, Linda Benz to Atlantic Mortgage&Investment Corp., $88,469.

18 Westland Pkwy., Deborah Ralabate, Robert Smith to Fannie Mae, $108,000.

23 Randolph St., (The) Savings Bank of Utica to Bebi Vallie, $10,000.

3940 Broadway, Glauber Equipment Corp. to Avi Foodsystems Inc., $340,000.

36 Woodcliffe Terrace, David Reimers, Wendy Reimers to Derrick Houston, $78,200.

88 Baywood Dr., Kim Samborski, Kim Ebling to Joseph Carosa, $105,000.

196 Kenview Blvd., Walter Moll, Anita Hokanson to Rhinehart Huttelmayer, Carole Huttelmayer, $57,000.

1135 Maryvale Dr., HUD to Eric Endres, $51,000.

337 George Urban Blvd., Samuel Zarcone, Jennifer Zarcone to Household Finance Realty Corp. of NY, $56,000.

Vl Parwood Trail, 81&3 of Florida Inc. to (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp., $49,140.

96 Colton St., Rose Burgio to John Russell, Camille Russell, $31,000.


10000 County Rd., Gary Lichtman, Wendy Lichtman to Edward Militello, $45,000.

5045 Salt Rd., Ruth Scharf, Otto Scharf to Santo Padilla, $146,000.

Martin Rd., Kenneth Kelkenberg, Nancy Kelkenberg to Michael Zubrzycki, Diana Zubrzycki, $24,500.

8260 Greiner Rd., KNF Ventures/Cimato Bros Joint Venture to Paul Gross, Paul Gross, $33,000.

10690 Clarence Ctr Rd., Dennis Hartwig, Gaye Hartwig to Perry Newton, Randee Newton, $99,200.

5861 Unit 6B Goodrich Rd., (The) Shirley M Gruber Revocable Living Trust to Laura Symonds, $123,000.

V/L Hunting Valley South, Richard Gajewski to C Latona, $70,000.

6580 Ashford Ct., (The) Calrad Co. Llc to James Burruano, Theresa Burruano, $74,900.

5750 Thompson Rd., William Cournan, Suzanne Cournan to Donald Pascucci, Sandra Pascucci, $26,000.

Nottingham&Vinewood, Harold Wolf, Mary Wolf to Herbert Guenther, Susan Guenther, $29,000.


11 Rachel Lane, Beneficial Mortgage Corp. to Wade Stearns, Susan Stearns, $77,500.

11 Rachel Lane, Diane Oatman to Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp., $75,900.

202 West Main St., Mark Steffan to John Busshart, $30,750.

38 Park St., Citifinancial Co. (DE), Commercial Credit Plan Inc. to Lai Lam, $35,000.

242 Maple Ave., Wade Sterns, Susan Sterns to Mark Higgins, Kimberly Higgins, $100,000.


9086 Sauer Rd., Lucille White, Lucille Gurtner to Samuel Eppolito, Matilda Eppolito, $75,000.

7974 Jennings Rd., Kathleen Andolina to Michael Andolina, $20,000.

8601 Hammond Dr., Michael Lanyzs, Kathleen Lanyzs to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $119,196.

8268 East Eden Rd., Anna Mammoser, Harold Mammoser to Edward Gwitt, $118,000.


9384 Fairview St., Raymond Vidal, Raymond Vidal to Ramona Godert, $107,132.

41 Stellane Dr., Mary Smith to Ernest Litzinger, Diana Litzinger, $62,500.

102 Center St., Eugene Eddy, Darlene Depasquale to Laura Mccormack, $53,000.

1288 Church St., Ada Yackle, Earl Yackle to James Kwilos, Nina Kwilos, $32,000.

6630 Erie Rd., Edward Wrobel to Samuel Sanchez, Kimberly Sanchez, $25,000.

1410 Greenbriar Ct., Marilyn Reinnagel, Roger Reinnagel to Sally Ralyea, $137,500.


2700 Baseline Rd., Kathleen Barton to Daniel Hensel, Theresa Hensel, $78,000.

47 Sawmill Run, John W Stickl Construction Co., John W Stickl Construction Co. Inc. to Gregory Navagh, Kelly Navagh, $149,900.

42 The Commons, Joseph Bongiovanni, Marsha Bongiovanni to Martha Marrinan, $120,000.

2637 Stony Point Rd., Herbert Sullivan, Abigail Sullivan to Mark Foote, Renee Foote, $130,000.

178 Marilyn Dr., James Wienckowski to Jennifer Tumiel, $68,000.

1541 Love Rd., Gregory Navagh, Kelly Navagh to Gregory Vizzi, Tina Vizzi, $80,000.

3348 Sandy Beach Rd., HUD to Kathleen White, $42,000.


3107 Milford Rd., Diane Jeffrey-Wilson to Gail Hayden, $70,000.

3556 Lakeview Rd., Hamburg Distributing Co. Inc. to (The) Bubar Partnership, $175,000.

4373 Rushford Dr., J&M Home Builders Inc. to Richard Pinkowski, Debra Pinkowski, $182,720.

S 4602 Lakeshore Rd., Douglas Buerger, Maureen Buerger to Thomas Keefe, $52,153.

4373 Rushford Dr., Paul Wodzinski, Artisan Builders to J&M Home Builders Inc., $34,000.

3011 Cloverbank Rd., U81, Burke Development Llc to Thomas Dobmeier, Carolyn Dobmeier, $201,545.

5209 Oakridge Dr., Daniel Neary, Mary Neary to Paul Knibloe, Marie Knibloe, $250,000.

48 Marlowe Ave., Denis Lates, Sharon Lates to John Klubek, Jane Klubek, $33,750.

Vl Pleasant Ave., Floyd Meyer to Ronald Zimmerman, $47,000.

4969 Clark St., Ronald Brown, Diane Sponholz to John Kehoe, $54,200.

3911 Harvard St., Jaspal Walia, Margaret Walia to Patrizia Chiazzese, Francesca Lobello, $119,000.

5984 Pinehurst Ct., NVR Inc., Ryan Homes of New York to James Tighe, Cynthia Tighe, $200,025.


Olean Rd., Carl Schmitt to Norbert Bennett, $35,000.


98 Magnolia, Henry Gorecki to Zijad Mustedanagic, Hafija Mustedanagic, $66,000.

31 St., Johns Pl., Carol Sutton, Carol Barlett to Randy Krakowski, $65,000.

47 Della, Edwin Ilardo, Joseph Coniglio to John Coniglio, $10,000.

13 Prospect Pl., Annette Kozub to Midfirst Bank, $82,003.

56 5 8/6 0 Washington St., William J Sadler Inc. to Luz Rivera, $8,500.

92 Norfred Dr., Abdo Fadel to Hussein Abdulla, $61,593.


172 Warsaw St., Mark Richards to National City Mortgage Co, $42,701.

23 Parkedge Dr., RJF Development JV to Ryan Homes of New York, $32,000.

17 Sussex Lane, Windsor Ridge Partners Llc, Windsor Ridge Partners to Sunrise Builders Inc., Sunrise Homes, $39,900.

18 Sussex Lane, Windsor Ridge Partners Llc, to Kenneth Jaskier, Susan Jaskier, $235,000.

Pavement Road, Katherine Hayman to National Fuel Gas Supply Corp., $150,000.

Vl Ransom Rd., Margaret Long to Derrick Jentsch, Dyana Jentsch, $25,500.

73 Sawer Ave., HUD to Michele Grudzien, $38,700.

17 Bentley Circle, James Maliszewski, Elizabeth Maliszewski to Ronald Plesh, Susan Plesh, $152,900.

88 Bellewood Lane, Robert Reyelts, Donna Reyelts to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, $129,827.

34 Squirrel Run, Andrew Napier, Robin Napier to Christopher Knospe, Julie Knospe, $102,200.


11142 Porterville Rd., Capretto Enterprises Inc. to Timothy Krawczyk, Maria Konter, $149,500.


20 John St., Elizabeth Wright, C Wright to Millard Young, Cheryl Johannes, $59,000.

Scotland Rd., Ricky Shrock, Sibylle Shrock to Christian Airmen Inc., $75,000.

11481 Rapids Rd., Herman Clouse to Robert Daniel, Michele Daniel, $42,500.


5 Hampton Ct., Eagle Heights Joint Venture to (The) Marrano/Marc Equity Corp., $58,000.

89 Ashwood/85 Cranwood, Chestnut Ridge Village Inc. to Marshall P Black Inc., $97,800.

10 Acorn Circle, Essex Homes of WNY Inc. to Kevin Maggioli, Diane Maggioli, $261,704.

65 Carriage Dr., #6, Lawrence Michalski to Sidney Sarow, Joan Sarow, $57,000.

6451 Milestrip Rd., Jean Miller, Jean Miller to Stanley Polonski, Michelle Polonski, $122,000.

185 Norwood Lane, Forest Creek Llc to Rexford Thomas, Kathleen Thomas, $340,000.

3043 Baker Rd., Robert Fuchs to Northwind Holdings Llc, $170,000.

17 Peppermill Rd., Karen Penfold to Robert Kellogg, Helen Kellogg, $45,000.

148 Steppingstone, Sharon Upper to Federal National Mortgage Association, $76,951.


110 Seymour St., James Lewis to United States Postal Service, $257,500.

37 Scott St., Virginia Smith to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $91,713.

175 Franklin St., Richard Thompson, Karen Thompson to Kenneth Fronczak, Pamela Fronczak, $76,220.


178 Wresham Ct., North, Ralph Critelli, Wendy Critelli to Jeffrey Orlowski, Lynn Orlowski, $108,000.

86 Hamilton Blvd., Donald Slate, Rosemarie Molik to Thomas Killian, Kerry Killian, $82,000.

200 Midland Ave., William Holzschuh to Carrie Lipinski, Leonard Alessandra, $48,000.

270 Washington, Carol Buckley to Matthew Hoffman, $71,500.

420 Forbes Ave., Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Christine Piscopo, $85,000.

226 Greentree Rd., Beverly Schnorr, Martin Schnorr to Timothy Buckingham, Kristin Buckingham, $81,000.

48 Burnside Dr., Joseph Moorhouse, Carla Moorhouse to Taylor Doherty, Michelle Doherty, $68,900.

280 Victoria Blvd., Heide Mathien to Michael Kugel, $67,500.

22 Guenther Avenue, Marine Midland Mortgage Corp. to Thomas Clark, $60,000.

589 Evergreen Dr., Ronald Heckler, Jeannette Heckler to Mary Cannizzaro, $88,900.

300 Pilgrim Rd., Margaret Gates to John Baker, Patricia Baker, $80,500.

3235 Elmwood Ave., Edward Meadway to Joseph Puma, $52,500.

1609 Colvin Blvd., Douglas Schleifer, Starlight Bow to Samuel Catalano, Elaine Catalano, $74,000.

34 Tiernon Park, Lynn Knezevich to Daniel Wiles, Karen Wiles, $87,500.

34 Tiernon Park, Steven Knezevich, Steve Knezevich to Daniel Wiles, Karen Wiles, $87,500.

17 Allegany Ave., Marguerite Silverstein, Peggy Silverstein to Jerome Heider, Donald Julius, $52,500.

177 Lincoln Blvd., Frank A Delnuovo Trust to Michael Giangrosso, Karen Giangrosso, $96,000.


692 Cindy Lane, Joan Loewke to Andrzej Borusowski, Renata Borusowski, $127,000.

16 Gardenville On Green, Boyle Properties Ltd. to Charlotte Vinti, $124,000.

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