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Wyoming County leaders are still trying to determine how much a laundry list of capital improvements will cost.

Supervisors have agreed in concept to a new county emergency communications tower for Wethersfield, a new dog shelter building in Gainesville, as well as a new microwave dish tower and back-up battery system for the 911 Emergency Dispatch Center in Warsaw.

Another possible improvement is the improvement of Curriers Road in the Town of Arcade, according to Paul Agan, Attica supervisor.

The Board of Supervisors will again discuss the capital improvement fund that could be used to pay for these initiatives during a committee of the whole meeting Feb. 15.

The Capital Improvement Fund was made possible thanks to an estimated $7.1 million the county is receiving over time from the federal tobacco settlement. The settlement money is being used to pay the county's debt, and the money saved from the debt being paid off is being put into a capital improvement fund.

"The board put together several programs we either want to accomplish or start on," said Orangeville Supervisor Suzanne West. "The concept has been approved, the money is there. We are trying to get some final figures."

Doug Berwanger, chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Arcade supervisor, said the communications system needs an overhaul.

"It has to be done," Berwanger said. "The radio communications (system) is 40 to 50 years old."

A one-story building that will be used for a new dog shelter on Route 19 in Gainesville was purchased for $40,000. The new facility is replacing a small, metal-sided shelter in Wethersfield.

The Board of Supervisors still has to approve final figures for each of the projects approved in concept.

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