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The star of a show about nothing is doing just that these days.

"I do nothing," Jerry Seinfeld told an audience at Rascal's comedy club Saturday. "A lot of people think doing nothing is really good. I tell you, you can get pretty crammed doing nothing."

Seinfeld, 46, has kept a relatively low profile since his immensely popular series, "Seinfeld," ended its prime-time run in May 1998.

He turned up for four weekend shows at the club, where he appeared regularly before he became a star. The 1,500 tickets at $20 each sold out in less than a week in December, even though the shows were not advertised outside the club. The club owner said he turned away 10,000 other ticket-seekers.

Seinfeld had new jokes but the same style of humor.

Some of the up-to-date jokes took on the Web -- "Why do they call it eBay? They should call it Garbay" -- and his 1999 wedding -- "If you want to have a great party, why invite all the oldest people you know?"

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