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Q: Are tortillas everywhere now, or it is just my imagination?

A: They are everywhere, wrapped around anything. You think bagels are ubiquitious? This country consumes more tortillas than bagels.

Q: How did this happen?

A: Blame the Mayans. They invented tortillas 12,000 years ago. Then we Norte Americanos discovered the joys of Mexican and Southwestern food. Now every man, woman and child in the U.S. averages 290 tortillas a year, at least that's what the Totrilla Industry Association says. And that's not even counting tortilla chips.

Q: Are tortillas popular in all Hispanic countries?

A:. Not in Spain. Order a tortilla in Madrid and you get something resembling an omelet, made of eggs, potatoes and onions. Darn good, too.

Q: I'm seeing colored and flavored tortillas now. What next?

A: Flowered tortillas ... No joke. You make your own out of corn flour called masa and press edible flower petals into the dough. The recipe suggests nasturtiums, pansies, roses or Johnny-jump-ups.

-- Lois Baker

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