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I'm getting very tired of the ongoing rift between the Buffalo Sabres and Michael Peca. Here are some of the numbers Mr. Peca needs to think about in the coming weeks. They are 41, 3 1/2 , 11.5 million, 1 million, March 13. OK Michael, 41 is the number of points you piled up last year. Not a great year to use as a bargaining chip. Three and a half is the number of years the Sabres can make you sit until you are an unrestricted free agent at age 31. This seems very unlikely. 11.5 million represents the offer sitting on the table right now. Not what you want, but nonetheless very respectable. One million is the amount of cash you have forfeited up to this point with your stubborn attitude. March 13 is the last day the Sabres have to either trade you or make you sit the entire year. The Sabres will not trade you unless they get fair value or better. Maybe none of these numbers means a thing to Michael Peca. As March 13 approaches, I strongly suspect the stress level will rise around the Peca residence.


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