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Plowed 'n' Peeved (Turkey)

We know area snowmeisters have been up to their hips in work all winter, but we're a little puzzled by the "better late then never" approach to smaller streets. Rugged residents along these secondary and tertiary thoroughfares are generally adept at getting out when the plows don't come (though they're taking care of nearby streets). P&T staffers shoveled out the whole street on which our Lower West Side HQ stands. The problem comes when, after several days of managing our own access, these plows get around to the little streets and place the driven-down snow in front of our driveways and along or atop our parked cars. They even narrow an accessible street in the process, making it far less so. How about a little common sense, guys? If you can't get there right away, fine, but don't drive up days later looking for a way to keep working people out of their driveways.

Things Are Looking Up Up There (Peacock)

Since P&T's eyes are always cast skyward (though we're firmly grounded), we continue our vigilant and somewhat strangely obsessive watch over (under?) Buffalo's billboards. After years of bleak, hard-to-read and, well, provincial executions, we're delighted to see some fresh sheets on those frames. Along with some attractive national stuff, we like the locally placed Ford execution above Spot Coffee (and happily not that other place) on Delaware Avenue. An arrow down to Spot refers to the words "Caffeine Rush," while the words "Adrenaline Rush" accompany an arrow up to the exciting vehicle portrayed. Nice placement and execution makes for hip, big-city feel. A good sign.

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