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I came back from a hockey trip and read where the Lackawanna City Council voted to change the name of Ron Jaworski Stadium to Veterans Stadium. To say the least, I was stunned.

How can you honor Jaworski, and then slap him and his family in the face by dishonoring him? He never asked that anything be named after him in Lackawanna.

If I remember, when Ron was playing in the NFL and his Eagles were going to the Super Bowl, everyone who ever said hello to him on the streets of Lackawanna was now suddenly Ron's best buddy. I also remember whenever the national news media interviewed him and mentioned he was from Buffalo, Ron corrected them and said he was from Lackawanna, N.Y. He always had pride in our city, his family and friends. Through the years, Ron never did anything but praise his hometown and now we say thanks but no thanks.

When the city decided to honor Ron 20 years ago by naming the stadium after him, we were also honoring ourselves. Ron represents the fabric of our city.

As for honoring our veterans, I believe that this certainly is a worthwhile endeavor. If it were not for these men and women, we would not have our present way of life. But I believe that one of the major ways to honor the veterans is to make sure our children will always know the sacrifices. So why not name the new elementary school that is being built in Lackawanna, "Veterans Memorial Elementary School" with a plaque honoring these individuals.

I hope that our city fathers will reconsider the changing of the stadium name and keep it the "Ron Jaworski Stadium." Let's come up with new ideas on how to honor our veterans. They earned it.


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