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Got Personality?

"People these days are looking for more realistic, down-to-earth and reliable partners in their relationships. They're beginning to realize that there's more involved than looking like Tom Cruise or Pamela Anderson."

-- Jennifer Anson, Matchmaker International

Sending Notes

"We've been getting a lot of requests for 'My First Love' by Avante featuring Ketara Wyatt. Our listeners like it because it's a cover of a classic song by Rene & Angela with an up-to-date twist."

-- Shay Moore, WBLK 93.7 FM

Then Comes Marriage

"Every bride has something registered in Waterford crystal. It's always been a great seller. They have just come out with a pair of champagne flutes for the upcoming bridal season called 'Celebration -- Love.' They have a beautiful heart pattern cut into the glass, and they are an excellent gift."

-- Marsha Dautch, Jenss

Driven by Style

"PT Cruisers are usually sold well over sticker price. Younger guys usually buy them for their wives. Younger women just love them. Older guys usually buy them for themselves. They see it as a collector's item."

-- Mike Ornce, Bob Johnson Motors

Tropical Paradise

"Dog coats and sweaters have been doing really well, but fish tanks are what's going on in winter. Everyone and their mother is buying fish tanks. They're stuck inside their house, rotting, because of the weather and they want to have something vibrant to look at."

-- Chris Haight, Elmwood Pet Supplies

Buried Treasure

"We are seeing more teenagers and retirees becoming volunteers. One of the things our volunteers are doing more of lately is mentoring. Their simple presence and listening are real forms of love. Sometimes it's hard to realize that's the biggest gift they can give someone."

-- Sister Mary Anne Weldon, Catholic Charities

-- Donia Clark

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