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I find it truly appalling that the PGA Golf Tour would attempt to restrict the use of a golf cart for a handicapped golfer suffering from a circulatory ailment in his right leg. The PGA's argument, right up to the Supreme Court, is that walking is an integral part of golf at its highest level. Really? I always thought the integral part of golf at its highest level was to skillfully hit the golf ball onto the green, sink it in as few putts as possible and collect your prize if you beat the competition. I didn't realize being a marathon walker was necessary or relevant.

The 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act assures that those with handicaps, like pro golfer Casey Martin, will be able to participate in the mainstream of life and be able to go for the gold. Franklin Delano Roosevelt did. A polio victim who couldn't perform the integral parts of politics, became the President of the United States. Because allowances were made, the country was much better off, then and now.

How arrogant can the officials and the players who agree with them be? Discrimination covers many venues. Favoring the physically fortunate over those who are not seems like a perfect example.

Golf is a great sport and no one nor any organization should deny anyone the opportunity to reap its benefits. Allowing a handicapped Casey Martin to ride a cart won't hurt golf or the PGA Tour. It can only foster more interest in the event and cement our faith in a compassionate and inclusive America. Move over, Tiger Woods.

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