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The EDGE's Annual Valentine's Edition

More terrible ideas on how to inject more romance in your life, compliments of Michael Webb, the self-proclaimed World's Most Romantic Man, who actually is trying to convince people to do this slop.

-- Does your lover like licorice? A message written in licorice string just might brighten their day or night!

-- One particularly fun food is the hearty toast and eggs. I take a slice of bread and use a heart cookie-cutter to take a hole out of the center. I lightly toast both pieces. I scramble up an egg and just when it begins to take some non-runny form, I put the toast in the skillet and place the eggs in the open heart of the bread for it to finish cooking. I serve with grits (a southern specialty) or some other side dish.
-- I prearranged a visit to the mall on our anniversary, and we walked into the mall through the Sears store. All the TVs in the electronics section had "I love you" on them with a heart on the background.

-- For our six-month anniversary, I made a fancy flier which read "Top Six Reasons Mike loves Alecia," and listed some of my favorite things about her. I photocopied the fliers in different bright colors and stapled little bags of peanut M&Ms to them (they are our special way of saying I Love You). Then I went to her workplace after she was there and put the fliers on everyone's windshield. All her co-workers asked her about our relationship, why peanut M&Ms are so important, and how jealous they were of having such a great guy. They all refer to me as the "M&M guy" now.
The Edge comes loosely adapted from the twisted brain of the Edgemeister who somehow still works for the Oregonian newspaper in Portland, Ore., and wants to remind his readers he would rather stick heated knitting needles in his eyes than do any of this nonsense.

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